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A unique blend of eco and elegant home design

At Eskgrove Homes we provide beautiful new homes in wonderful locations, built to exceptionally high standards. All of our homes are architect-designed with carefully crafted interiors, focusing on space and functionality. What makes our homes unique is the way in which they combine outstanding eco-credentials with elegant design.

We focus on building homes fit for the future, reducing environmental impact and saving on fuel bills. Our homes have a conscience – they are warmer, quieter, cleaner and greener. Our latest development, Linton Bank, in West Linton is designed to provide elegant, energy-efficient homes in this remarkable location. If a truly exceptional lifestyle is what you are after, Linton Bank offers it all – from airy open-plan living spaces to stunning scenery on your doorstep.

We have two property types at Linton Bank – the 2-bedroom Lyne and the 3-bedroom Medwyn. The development of 10 bungalows offers spacious, eco-friendly homes with private gardens.

The location of the development in scenic and tranquil West Linton means that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to recreation and nature. From country sports to cultural attractions in the city – this location offers an outstanding, balanced lifestyle.

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School Brae, West Linton Scottish Borders, EH46 7DU

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