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All homes at Wadingburn have now been reserved – we still have availability at Cardrona and West Linton

Step inside this beautifully crafted home and you will be impressed. This a home which has been carefully tailored to suit your lifestyle and preferences, and carefully designed to take full advantage of its supremely private setting.

It’s over 2138 ft2 of developed luxury living space. The main level features a striking open concept with dining area, sunroom, gourmet kitchen and spacious living room. On the same level you will find the utility room, cloakroom, family room and home office.

A grand staircase not only takes you upstairs to the 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms but includes a dramatic open gallery and enough places to store your things.

This home is packed with nice energy-saving features all of which have been designed to make this home, warmer, quieter, cleaner and greener.

Outside you will have a fantastic living area complete with patio and lawn, making this spot the perfect outdoor space to entertain and last but not least, the large garage, big enough to park your car and all of your other outdoor stuff.

This luxury family home is sure to impress and is a must see!

Part Exchange available on this property, please see our Part Exchange Terms and Conditions for further details.

Wadingburn Site Plan

Each of these homes has been beautifully crafted and carefully tailored to suit the homeowner’s lifestyle and preferences.

The development consists of nine detached homes; 3 x four bedroom homes, 5 x five bedroom homes and one custom built 3 bedroom home.

Plot Prices/Availability
Plot 1, The Dunkeld, Bathrooms 4 Living Areas 4 Reserved
Plot 2, The Braemar,  5 Bathrooms 4 Living Areas 6 Sold
Plot 3, The Braemar, Bathrooms 4 Living Areas 6 Sold
Plot 4, The Braemar, Bathrooms 4 Living Areas 6 Sold
Plot 5, The Findhorn, Bathrooms 4 Living Areas 3 Sold
Plot 6, The Dunkeld, Bathrooms 4 Living Areas 4 Sold
Plot 7, The Findhorn, Bathrooms 4 Living Areas 3 Sold
Plot 8, The Findhorn, Bathrooms 4 Living Areas 3 Sold
Plot 9, The Montrose,  2 Sold
Living Room
Shower Head
Natural Light – A brighter home
The use of natural light is an essential element of the design with expansive use of glazing to public areas in particular. Careful compensating detailing reduces energy costs and improves the appearance of our homes but also affects the health and mental well-being of those people living in them.
Contemporary kitchens units and bathrooms
Appliances; induction hob, integrated dishwasher and fridge freezer, washing machine, double oven
Windows and screens – Kleinhans triple glazed
Ceiling heights of 2.70 metre floor
Double garage with power and light
Wood burning Stove
LED lighting
Acoustic Performance – A quieter home
Superb acoustic performance, easily surpassing the standards required by building regulations, further enhancing the enjoyment the owner will get from their new home.
Air Quality (Mechanical House Ventilation Heat Recovery MHVR) – A cleaner home
A managed amount of air is reintroduced to the property through the MHVR which prevents condensation and still air areas. This filtered, clean, warm air is a boon to hay fever sufferers and asthmatics alike.
Underfloor Heating – A warmer home
Each zone is easily programmed to meet the demands of a particular area instead of wasting energy and money heating areas of the property which are used less often than others.
close up stove

Purchasers can choose to amend or add to the Eskgrove standard range.   Any changes to the standard range are to be chosen with the assistance of the Eskgrove team and may be subject to an additional change which must be paid for at the time of placing your order.   Our list of extras include:

  • Surround sound cinema system.
  • Cat 5 cabling.
  • Polished granite external cills and reconstituted stone internal cills.
  • Zinc gutters and downpipes.
  • Increased insulation
  • Room layout changes and additions
  • Additions to kitchen – appliances and units
State of the art manufacturing
Each home is built using a closed panel timber system. By using an innovative, proven, off-site manufactured build system, Eskgrove easily surpass the quality and performance of current generation, traditional, on-site building methods.
The system is structurally and thermally engineered to Eskgrove’s precise requirements and delivers outstanding thermal performance. Scothaus construct the ‘closed panels’ that make up the walls, floors and roof. The windows and external doors are fitted and integrated with the external wall panels in the factory. It’s a highly engineered, extraordinarily precise process.
External Materials
Actively promote the use of timber products sourced from well managed, sustainable sources and maximise the benefits of timber design to reduce raw materials’ waste during manufacture and construction:.
• use particle board with no added formaldehyde.
• manufactured using only the very best strength graded and kiln dried timber.
• structural timber is stored under cover in a temperature controlled environment to maintain the correct moisture content.
Timber Cladding
Canjaere Classic a prefinished, high performance cladding. The unique timber treatment gives softwoods the typical properties of hardwood enabling them to be used in typical hardwood applications by increasing water resistance and stability.
Heat Pump
The air source heat pump is renewable and totally free energy. Energy usage is reduced to the electricity required to run the compressor and circulation pumps inside the heat pump which can mean an energy saving of up to 70% compared to a traditional boiler or all-electric heating.
Roof Tiles
Blue/black natural clay rather than precast concrete. Of the many advantages of clay tile roofing, it durability is probably the biggest.
Thermal conductivity – Typically 0.85 W/mK (3)
Density – Typically 1900 Kg/m3 (3)
Embodied energy – 6.5 MJ/kg (1)
Life expectancy – 50 – 70 years
Proprietary Acrylic Render (PAR)
Using PAR, Eskgrove have made an enduring, environmentally responsible choice of material. PAR has been used externally as a more modern alternative to traditional cement render.
• Low vapour permeability.
• Good weather resistance / waterproofing. Improved resistance to freeze-thaw over cement render.
• Better bonding characteristics and improved flexibility than cement render
Braemar 199

Room Sizes

Sitting Room 4.88×4.32
Family Room 3.84×3.16
Dining/Sun Room 4.39×3.10
Kitchen 3.30×3.09
Study/Bed 6 3.31×2.95
WC 1.87×1.30
Utility 2.28×1.97
Vestibule 2.80×2.03
Master Bedroom 4.38×3.16
Bedroom 2 3.79×3.00
Bedroom 3 3.16×2.70
Bedroom 4 3.16×2.40
Bedroom 5 3.19×2.23
Gross internal floor area 199 m2 / 2138 ft2

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